IBHS Makes Available New Checklist to Make Manufactured Homes More Secure

May 13, 2004

  • May 14, 2004 at 10:41 am
    R. Murphy says:
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    The checklist is great accept that a lot of the people who buy manufactured homes don’t have access to the Internet and wouldn’t begin to know how to protect themselves.

    The problem seems to lie more with the manufacturers. For example: there is an investment company in New Jersey that buys old mobile home parks and develops what ever land that is left just as cheaply as possible. They install, sell and finance the manufactured homes at high interest rates for people with less than perfect credit ratings.

    They are supposed to be a factory authorized representative. Yet, many of the homes have water standing under them when it rains. The tie down straps rust. Mold grows on the siding. Exterior doors delaminate. Interior door bind because the homes settle in the mud. The floors creak and groan as though the glue is failing after just a few years. The homes are not installed according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

    The manufacturer doesn’t bother to inspect to make sure that these homes are installed correctly. Not even when owners complain to them. They let any Tom, Dick and Harry with a little investment capital be an “authorized” representative.

    This investment company is ripping off people with low incomes and they appear to be doing so with the manufacturer’s blessing. A major manufacturer.

    So, if the manufactured home is destroyed in a storm, maybe it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Could insurance providers maybe put a little more pressure on the home manufacturers to police their “authorized” representatives?

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