Caliber Collision Centers Appoints Claudio as VP of Client Services

April 1, 2004

  • May 17, 2004 at 2:17 am
    tom brister says:
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    I was told if I took my car(2000jeep cherokee ltd.)to caliber all work would be warranted as long as I own the car.I’ve been trying to get my jeep repaired correctly since I got it back over 1 yr. ago.No one wants to do the job right.This morning I almost had a head on collision when the left rear brake locked up from oil leaking from rear end that was supposely replaced.I’ve tried to get this problem and others fixed since 5/7/03.Ther’s no wonder why you warranty your work for as long as you do,because SOME people just get tired of fighting for whats right.I’m not one of them.I WILL fight until MY jeep is fixed right.I’m disable(62)and will fight for what’s right until I die.If this isn’t the right site please foward.Thanks..Tom Brister 2159 S.Lamar Blvd.Austin,TX.78704

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