The Hartford’s SRS Third-Party Administrator Aids Clients in Accident Investigation Techniques

Specialty Risk Services (SRS), a major third-party claims administrator and subsidiary of The Hartford Financial Services Group, is offering half-day claims management seminars to its clients.

The current offering, “Accident Investigation: Hands-on Tips for Employers” provides employers with practical tips for successful accident investigation.

“Accidents are inevitable in the workplace – even with the best loss control program,” said Nancy Brennan, vice president of SRS. “We teach participants the basic elements of an accident investigation so they understand investigation strategy, evidence gathering, critical decision points and documentation. We want risk managers to understand investigation before an accident occurs. Mistakes or omissions can be costly.”

The training was reportedly developed in response to client requests for basic level training on critical claim management topics. The remaining seminars for 2003 are being given in Nashville, Tenn. on Nov. 12; and Portland, Ore. on Nov. 13. For further information, contact SRS at 1-888-236-4684.

SRS has been presenting similar seminars on a variety of issues to provide employers with the guidance and tools necessary to better manage their workers’ compensation experience.

The organization also provides its clients with a Web-based Toolbox that gives employers and their staff access to a myriad of information on such subjects as communications techniques, return-to-work incentives and proactive loss control messages. The Toolbox includes information to help clients create modified or transitional work programs that help boost employee morale and minimize the financial impact of workplace injuries.