Ohio Senate Votes to Keep Workers’ Compensation Rating System

The Ohio Senate has signed off on preserving a workers’ compensation rate system that many businesses say is unfair and detrimental to the economy.

The Senate voted 31-1 on Dec. 15 to preserve the current group rating system, which enables businesses that sign up for policies as groups to get heavily discounted rates.

A Cuyahoga County judge ruled in November that the system is unfair to businesses outside the groups and ordered the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to come up with a new system.

But lawmakers say legislation is needed to preserve the system for the time being so that businesses in the groups don’t get hit with higher rates. Lawmakers admit the current system is flawed, and are requiring the workers compensation agency to report back to the legislature on reforms.

The bill must be approved by the House before being sent to Gov. Ted Strickland.