Indiana Insurance Offers School Violent Event Response Coverage

Indiana Insurance today announced that it will offer Violent Event Response Coverage beginning in July, 2007 to its public and private school policyholders throughout the Midwest and Midsouth.

Recognizing that most general liability policies do not cover many expenses and losses resulting from a violent event, this new coverage provides payment for certain medical and funeral expenses, death benefits, counseling services, wages for temporary personnel, rental of temporary facilities, and security service, regardless of legal liability.

The Violent Event Response Coverage is available for new business, renewals, and by endorsement in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan beginning July 1, 2007, and in Kentucky pending regulatory approval. The basic and aggregate limits for response, expense, and loss resulting from each violent event are $300,000 with optional limits of $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Source: Indiana Insurance