Ohio Jury Awards Family of Brain-damaged Girl $17.8 Million

July 25, 2006

  • August 1, 2006 at 9:31 am
    Rob says:
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    I\’m a former medic dealing with mostly trauma based accidents. However, I cannot believe this story..

    What started as the removal of a benign cyst (non-life threatening), turns into CPR for at least 60 seconds and then they tried anesthesia again…CPR is a last ditch effort… it tells me the body shut down the electical impulses to keep the beat going…. The anesthesia was affecting this girl enough to shunt the electrical impulses to the heart.. but this doc choose to reinfuse the anesthesia again? It\’s attempted murder.

    CPR is a very traumatic process… so much so, that it is common to crack ribs during the process. No doc in their right mind would continue ANYTHING once the patient had CPR or was bagged (manual breathing). Where was the OR doc or others?

    Hopefully the hospital will distance themselves from this quack. I\’ll know never to be worked on there as I would fear for my life.

    As for the Med Mal policy to cover this., good luck. The Anesthesia docs need to self police and meet some minimum requirements… just a MD isn\’t going to cut it….

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