Protechs Inc. Renews with DKI

Disaster Kleenup International Inc., a network of quality, independent property damage restoration contractors, announced that Protechs Inc. of Fort Wayne, Indiana has entered into a two year renewal of its membership, solidifying DKI’s network in the Midwest. Protechs has provided insurance restoration since 1996 and has been part of the DKI network since 1998.

By virtue of its DKI membership, Protechs can utilize DKI’s 24-hour call center and its DIAMOND claims tracking technology to enhance service to insurance and corporate customers. Protechs staff members are also eligible to participate in DKI training seminars and workshops, ensuring they remain abreast of changes and trends in the rapidly evolving restoration industry.

In addition to utilizing DKI’s technology and training capabilities, Protechs will continue to utilize the Disaster Kleenup branding in its marketing efforts, participate in its various co-op programs, and leverage DKI’s corporate marketing initiatives.