Ohio Woman Arrested in Workers’ Comp Scam

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) announced a Clark County woman has been sentenced for a felony charge of workers’ compensation fraud.

Roxanne Anania was sentenced to five years probation, $2,447.36 in investigative costs, and ordered to pay restitution of $12,159.48 to BWC.

BWC’s special investigations unit (SIU) learned of possible fraud by Anania through an anonymous allegation. The SIU reportedly found that Anania was working while receiving workers’ comp benefits. The investigation confirmed that Anania was working for Copper Tan/LA Tan as a store manager.

Anania suffered injuries to her left knee in November 1998 while working for The Wet Seal Retail Inc.

BWC awarded Anania temporary total disability benefits for her injuries.