BWC Offers Online Class to Ohioans; Goal is to Cut Down on Work-Related Injuries

A more comfortable work environment is reportedly just one click away.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) announced Ohioans can participate in an ergonomics class online. Employees can now learn ergonomic practices specifically developed for office environments from the comfort of their own desk.

“Because online classes are available at any time, Ohio businesses don’t have to worry about fitting safety training into their schedule,” said James Conrad, BWC administrator/CEO. “By participating in this class and implementing proper ergonomic techniques, employers can help protect their workers from painful injuries like carpal tunnel.”

A simple class like Office Ergonomics Online can help employers eliminate procedures that can contribute to the onset of carpal tunnel and other ergonomic related workplace injuries.

Reportedly, carpal tunnel syndrome is frequently seen among Ohio workers ages 50 to 70. In addition to the pain and discomfort suffered by the employee, carpal tunnel cost an employer an estimated $30,000.

The tutorial only lasts 30 minutes and it is self paced and interactive. It also allows students to work conveniently from their workstation.

Office Ergonomics Online is free to all employers who have an active BWC policy. To register, visit and click on Ohio employers.