ACE Worldview Provides Multinational Clients Online Access to Claims Information

The ACE Group announced an enhancement of its ACE Worldview portal to provide its multinational clients with online access to claim and detailed loss information for all multinational lines of business.

Key features of this enhancement include online display of loss data, multiple export functions for downloading loss data; loss reporting tools allowing users to setup customizable, recurring reports; and a loss alerts function for triggering email notifications for designated claim criteria.

The virtual platform, first introduced in 2010, was designed to meet the distinctive needs of multinational risk managers and their insurance brokers to enable them to monitor the status of their entire global program, obtain copies of local insurance policies and certificates, and access proprietary research tools. Numerous other features, including access to program contacts, multinational standards, policy issuance monitoring, and other detailed reports are customizable to each client’s unique needs.

ACE Worldview features various application pages to enable risk managers to manage policies and monitor activities. In addition, it provides customized reporting tools for management and tracking.

Key Features:

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Source: ACE Group