Ratings Roundup: Compania Internacional, Oman Insurance

February 12, 2010

  • October 6, 2010 at 6:50 am
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    Dear Sir,

    I, Saifuddin Aboobacker, Indian national, working as a Administration Director in Abu Dhabi, I have taken an insurance policy from one of your Abu Dhabi agent Mr. Taha (Mobile: 050 5114588) four months before, till now I didn’t receive any kinds of paper or policies, even I don’t know about what kind of policy it is?? Since this last four month 1103 dhs correctly deducting from credit card.

    So, I called Mr. Taha several times for the relevant papers, but there is not any response, he says he is busy or paper with another person, he is in India etc. etc. etc. at last I send one of my staff to collect this paper from your Abu Dhabi Office, He didn’t give to him.

    I have two request, one is how do I return back this paid amount? I already given instruction to the bank that don’t pay more to Oman Insurance from my credit card.

    Another, please don’t keep such person in your esteemed organization, I will block all friends and companies that’s dealing with Oman Insurance through this person.

    Please take the necessary action and give me a reply asap.

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