Volvo Recalls 82,000 Cars for Problem Related to Stall Risk

Ford Motor Co.’s Volvo Cars unit said Saturday it was recalling 82,000 vehicles because of a rust problem related to a part that could lead to the vehicle’s engine stalling.

The recall concerns the S40 and V50 models, made between 2004 and 2006, with five-cylinder gas engines.

Volvo Cars spokeswoman Maria Bohlin said recalls were being made in the company’s “corrosion markets,” meaning places where the climate is such that the cars are exposed to more rust-speeding factors such as rain or road salt.

“In the worst case, the car can stall,” she said.

In warmer and dryer countries, the cars have instead been provided with an extended guarantee.

Most of the cars had been sold in the U.S., Sweden and Germany, she said.

Bohlin said the problem was located in the fuel pump electronic module, which controls the gas flow to the engine, she said.

“(It) is located in a way that it can be exposed to rainwater and roadsalt, which increases the risk of corrosion.”

She declined to comment on how much the recall would cost the company.