‘Clear Reporting’ = ‘Excellent ERM,’ Says S&P Article

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has published an article that links clear reporting to excellent insurer enterprise risk management (ERM). “A good risk profile report has the simplicity and power of a good sales report,” noted S&P credit analyst David Ingram. “And a good sales report quickly captures key statistics about a firm’s production compared with the planned targets.”

S&P said that it has found that the “best risk profile reports are structured in a similar manner. They show the key elements of risk that the insurer is exposed to at the time of the report compared with the agreed risk appetite.”

The rating agency also pointed out that “often, a risk report is full of complex statistics that no one really understands except the technical experts within the firm; therefore, a key requirement for any report is that it is clear and understood by its recipients.”

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Source: S&P