Reforms up Against Industry Norms After New Jersey Apartment Fire

By DAVID PORTER | February 12, 2015

  • February 21, 2015 at 6:52 pm
    Alexi Assmus says:
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    Fire service professionals and experts are calling for limits to lightweight construction and public officials are not listening.

    At least six buildings the size of city blocks have burned to the ground in 2014-15.

    1. Edgewater, NJ 2015, occupied 240-unit lightweight wood building burnt to ground, no humans killed, other animals killed. 500 firefighters responded.1000 people displaced. Video shows fire spreading through roof. Video at 3 min 20 sec.

    2. Edgewater NJ 2000, near-completion 200-plus unit lightweight woodbuilding burned to the ground. 9 surrounding homes burned.

    3. Cliffside NJ 2014 4-story lightweight wood building under construction burns and
    ignites 3-story building nearby. Hundreds of residents evacuated.

    4. Los Angeles CA 2014 Under construction 526-unit complex burns. 250 firefighters respond. 110 Freeway temporarily closed. Video.

    5. Houston TX 2014 (video) Under construction. Burnt to ground. Note fire spreading along the roof. Started by welding on roof and spread by wind. See concerns regarding water and smoke damage in occupied buildings nearby.

    6. Uniondale NY 2012 (video) Truss construction fire spreads through roof.

    7. San Francisco, CA 2014 172-unit lightweight wood, under construction. Building completely gutted. Fire started by welding on roof. Nearby buildings damaged.

    8. Dallas TX 2014 Smoke and fire seen first in 2nd and 3rd floors; 80 people displaced; 16 fire engines deployed due to fear fire would spread. Firefighter sustained minor injuries when ceiling collapsed. Report by abc affiliate.

    9. Quincy MA 2011 24-unit wood structure. Rapid fire spread
    throughout the trussed attic space. Believed to be started by a charcoal grill
    on first floor patio

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