New York Man Man Sues LIRR for Drawing Attention to Him

A 22-year-old New York man with cerebral palsy is suing the Long Island Rail Road for attracting unwelcome attention to his use of a wheelchair.

East Islip resident Anthony Faggiani alleges in court papers that an LIRR conductor failed to help him get off of a train promptly while emphasizing to other passengers that a “wheelchair patient” was causing a service delay.

Faggiani said that the conductor “just kept emphasizing ‘wheelchair”‘ when he tried to get off at his stop last August. He is suing for “serious psychological injuries and distress.”

The LIRR refused to comment on pending litigation, but said it would instruct employees to avoid referring to a person’s disability when making public announcements.

LIRR spokesman Joe Calderone said employees would say that “a customer needs assistance.”


Information from: Newsday