Vermont Law Shields Gun Clubs from Some Lawsuits

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas was at the Barre Rifle and Pistol Club recently to sign legislation protecting Vermont’s shooting ranges from so-called frivolous lawsuits and nuisance claims.

Douglas said the strong legislative support for the new law reflects the importance Vermonters place on safe and controlled areas to teach hunter safety and recreational shooting sports.

“It is also a reminder of how much we value the Second Amendment of our nation’s constitution and what we’re willing to do to protect these important rights,” he added.

Douglas said ranges are essential for the skill development and licensing of young hunters.

“Shooting sports and recreational target shooting are important aspects of Vermont’s heritage and rural lifestyle. Shooting ranges and fish and game clubs play an integral role in fostering these important traditions,” the Governor said. “Local ranges are also used by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies to meet the criminal justice training council requirement for firearms training.”

Source: Governor’s Office