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Underwriters know Videofied® delivers loss control with a badge.

Videofied alarms are endorsed by law enforcement for priority response; officers making thousands of arrests protecting commercial/residential property from burglary, vandalism, and copper theft. Speak to your insurer about lower rates.

PROBLEM: In many cities police no longer respond to traditional alarms because they consider traditional burglar alarms a waste of time - 98% end up being false.

SOLUTION: Police give priority response to video intrusion alarms and make arrests. Videofied alarms send a video clip of the intrusion and are dispatched by the 911 center as a crime-in-progress. Videofied alarms deliver loss control with a badge.

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Loss control with a badge

Profitable insurers deliver more than investment income - they reduce loss. In this Video, James Schweitzer of the NICB, Keith Jentoft of Videofied along with Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald, President of the National Sheriff's Association, talk about how technology has resurrected Alarm Response - delivering over 50% arrest rates. Law enforcement loss control is catching crooks in the act and reducing claims. Learn how Priority Response helps underwriters lower losses for greater profits.

Grand Prairie police using video technology to fight crime

Grand Prairie police now give top priority to video alarm calls.


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National Sheriffs Association