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Did you know you can purchase a fixed position advertisement for your company in the category of your choice?

Click here to request information about pricing and available inventory.

Advertising Products

Sponsorship Banner Ads

Promote your company using a fixed position, Buyers Guide website Banner ad. The ad will appear in the highly visible, top right of the Buyers Guide website, in the categories of your choice, there are over 90 to choose from. Your ad will have Nationwide exposure and appear in every city and state search, in the categories you have selected.

We can help design the ad - which can include links to your own website. Size of ad - 300x250.

Minimum duration is one month and pricing depends on how many categories you advertise in, there are discounted rates for advertising in all 90+ categories.

For information contact Kristine Honey at (800) 897-9965 x132 or email

Listing Products

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