Editorial Calendar 2015

Claims Journal Magazine

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Winter Issue
Issue Date: Feb 19
Ad Deadline: Jan 30
  • Property
    Core topics: Best practices, subrogation, forensics, property, fraud, technology and litigation. Emphasis on home and commercial property damage, restoration, large losses, cargo losses, forensics and engineering.
  • Guide to Property Restoration & Disaster Recovery Services
  • ISO Insurance Fraud Management Conference,
    Mar 22-25, San Diego, CA
  • PLRB National, Mar 29-Apr 1, Anaheim, CA
  • RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition,
    Apr 26-29, New Orleans, LA
Spring Issue
Issue Date: Apr 30
Ad Deadline: Apr 10
  • Liability
    Core topics: Best practices, subrogation, forensics, bodily injury, fraud, technology and litigation. Emphasis on third party claims involving homes, businesses, contractors, products, accident reconstruction, forensics and engineering, and injury biomechanics.
  • Guide to Forensic & Engineering Firms
  • RIA Convention, May 6-8, Las Vegas, NV
  • Contractor Connection, June 15-19, Orlando, FL
  • PLRB West, June 16-17, Frisco, TX
Digital Issue
Issue Date: May 22
Ad Deadline: May 8
  • Forensic / Best of Claims Journal Online Issue
    Featuring forensic engineering-based articles and the top original articles published on Claims Journal’s website this year.
Summer Issue
Issue Date: July 2
Ad Deadline: June 12
  • Annual Job & Salary Review / Medical
    Core topics: Talent management, recruiting, retention, outsourcing, workers’ comp, bodily injury, and technology. Featuring articles on work-related injuries, first and third party injuries, occupational safety, occupational rehabilitation, medical records and bill reviews.
  • Claims Journal’s Job & Salary Survey Results
  • Guide to Claims Education & Training Services
  • NACE Conference & Expo, July 23-25, Detroit, MI
  • Workers’ Comp Institute Safety & Health Conference, Aug 23-26, Orlando, FL
  • PLRB Central, Sept 9-10, Columbus, OH
  • IASIU Annual Seminar, Date & Location TBA
Fall Issue
Issue Date: Oct 1
Ad Deadline: Sept 11
  • Auto
    Core topics: Best practices, subrogation, forensics, auto property damage, auto bodily injury, fraud, technology and litigation. Featuring articles on personal and commercial vehicle comprehensive and collision damage, auto-related injuries, ride-sharing risks and accident reconstruction.
  • Guide to Technology Firms
  • PLRB Large Loss, Oct 28-30, Washington, DC
  • ACORD LOMA Forum, Nov 2-4, Boca Raton, FL
  • NASP, Nov 8-11, Reno, NV
  • PLRB East, Nov 10-11, Atlanta, GA