Custom Webcasts 2014

A webcast is an interactive presentation to a specific audience via the internet. It's more effective than just a video or podcast because it allows you to know your audience and interact with your viewers!

Comprehensive webcast packages are available for purchase and include all of the following:

  1. AOne custom made video, professionally filmed and edited (a $2,995 value)
  2. BYour live webcast presented on (includes your custom video plus a live audio presentation / Q&A session with your audience)
  3. CYour logo in a 300x250 banner ad promoting the webcast on for one month (a $2,765 value)
  4. DYour logo in a 1/2 page print ad promoting the webcast in Claims Journal magazine (a $3,269 value)
  5. EYour logo in seven 440x160 banner ads promoting the webcast in the Claims Journal email newsletters (a $2,541 value)
  6. FA sponsored text-link promoting the webcast on for one month (a $1,250 value)
  7. GOne social media shoutout promoting the webcast to the Claims Journal Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social networks
  8. HA promotional press release posted in the Sponsored Press section of and emailed to the newswire email list (a $710 value)
  9. IYour webcast recording hosted for at least one year on
  10. JA professionally designed co-branded email invitation that you can send to your customers and prospects (a $150 value)
Comprehensive Webcast Production & Promotional Package
A $13,680 Value / Only $5,000

StarBest Value

In addition to professional video and a live online webcast presentation, the webcast package includes extensive promotion through the following channels:

  • Claims Journal Magazine
  • Claims Journal Daily
  • Headlines Newsletter
  • Claims Journal Weekly
  • Reader Picks
  • Claims Journal Social Media Pages
  • Claims Journal Press Release

...and more!

Bonus: You can also use your custom video on the company website, YouTube, and social media pages!